From your first class gatherings, have your class agree upon guidelines for respectful, productive communication. Here are two activities to get you started:


1. Make a T graph and brainstorm with your students the difference between an argument and a discussion. Ask: What happens when people argue? What do they say or do? What happens when people have a discussion? What does that look and sound like?

2. Introduce the STAR Principle – Sensitivity, Trust, Appreciation and Respect. Have students break into four groups, one letter to each group. Each group writes what their word Is and Is Not. For example, what does displaying “Trust” look and sound like and what would we hear or see that would show us “Trust” has been broken? Have the students focus on behaviors – what a video camera could record, namely sights and sounds. Create a STAR graphic that you can hang up in the classroom. Reinforce the STAR Principle by referring to it often