A Story for the 4th July :  The Pledge of
Allegiance and Naturalization – through the eyes
of a small Irish American child


By Yvonne Healy


What is a REAL American? Do all aliens have antennas? As only a child can fabricate, this true story is about an Irish family undergoing the naturalization process of the United States. Unsure, fearful, and inquisitive, Yvonne Healy creates a clear picture for listeners of how she became a citizen of the U.S. along with her family. Listen as this relatable story is told from the perspective of a child.


Told from the perspective of her younger self, Yvonne Healy recounts her experience of becoming a naturalized citizen of the United States – a REAL American. Included in this story are the believable wide-eyed expressions and thoughts of a child. She also tells of the confusion she experienced about the difference between an alien and the real American she seeks to become, as well as some silly prejudices directed her way. Listen as this relatable story is told through the eyes of a child.

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