Have Mouth Will Run It!

Michael D. McCarty reflects on how he discovered the art of storytelling. Michael and several of his storytelling colleagues consider the impact of storytelling in schools, in prison settings and in the community.

Mama Said

Michael’s mother models the importance and love of reading, but, mostly importantly, the value of kindness. When Michael tours in Brazil, he discovers that his mother was teaching the students there as well.

Storyteller Rap

Michael McCarty has a poem about the importance of reading, storytelling and what he learned from his mother.

The Power of Love

When faced with a potentially explosive situation, Michael McCarty decides to let love guide his actions and words. The result is one that only love can achieve.


Michael and some classmates hold a walk out due to limited black history curricula and are expelled. Decades later, Michael is brought back to the school to receive his high school diploma and the school’s gratitude.