Growing up in New York City, Gerald Fierst’s neighborhood was Jewish. But when he went to visit cousins who had retired to Albuquerque, he discovered that “we all look alike when we are the other.”

More Alike than Not

Through exploring misconceptions and common threads such as immigration and disagreements within their own religions, these three tellers bring alive their distinct histories and our common humanity.

The Nuns

Growing up in his New York City Jewish neighborhood was a world of homogeneity for Gerry. But an occasional intrusion of “alien nuns” could be truly scary to a young child unfamiliar with other religions.

Why Am I A Jew?

Gerry Fierst says, “religion connects us to all who have gone before and all who will come after we are gone.” As he grows older he hear the words of his ancestors and passes the tradition of the blowing of the shofar on to his children.