If you are an approved storyteller, please complete this form for each story you will be performing during the videotaped session. After you hit the submit button, you will receive a notification indicating your story details have been successfully submitted.

To submit another story, copy/paste this link into the address bar of your browser and reload the page. http://racebridgesstudio.com/storyteller-intake-form/ The form should appear again and will be ready for you to submit your next story.

Please do not submit the same story more than one time using this form.

Storyteller Intake Form

Storyteller’s Name

Please provide the correct spelling, including your FIRST and LAST name, including any surnames, hyphenated or middle names. Please use both upper and lower case. For example:

Correct: Charles Dickens
Incorrect: charles dickens

Title of Story (80 Characters)

Please provide the title/name of your story. Due to space limitations, please limit your title (which also includes your subtitle) to under 80 characters (including spaces and punctuation). You are welcome to mention a longer title and/or subtitle within the story as you tell it on the video, however, the title as you list it below will be what is published on the RaceBridges website, in social media and in other marketing materials.

Correct: Tale of Two Cities
Correct: Tale of Two Cities: Part One
Incorrect: tale of two cities

Description/Summary of Story (250 Characters)

Please provide a brief description or summary of your story. Due to space limitations, please limit your description/summary to 250 characters (including spaces and punctuation). Please write your summary in the past tense using third person - he, she or they. Also, please don't use all upper case.

TIP: Try ending your story summary with an intriguing question that piques interest such as: “Can this new friendship survive a racially divided neighborhood?”

Storyteller’s Website Address

Please provide the link to your website or the URL where more information may be found about you online. If you do not have a website, leave blank.

Fact Checking

Your story will be included on the RaceBridges website in both video and written format. The written format will be an exact transcription of what you say on the video. In an effort to help ensure accuracy in transcription, please provide information and spelling about any of the following which may apply to your story:

* Dates (e.g. months, years, etc.)
* Places (e.g. city, countries, states)
* Proper Names (e.g. people, landmarks, etc.)
* Historic Elements (e.g. documents, wars, civil movements, etc.)
* Foreign Languages (e.g. anything in your story that is NOT told English -- please list both the English translation and foreign language spelling)

Discussion Questions

Discussion questions are related to the story which may be used in a classroom, workshop or similar environment. There are no character count limitations. All discussion questions should be proofread, in final format and with correct punctuation. Please number the questions to identify each new question.

Correct: 1. 2. 3.
Incorrect: 1.) 2.) 3.)
Incorrect: One, Two, Three


Resources can be helpful for instructors, workshop leaders and educators to prepare and/or learn more about the subject matter contained in your video story. Resources can be books, other videos online (or offline), newspaper articles, etc. Before listing resources below, please be sure that (a) books are still in print and (b) that URLs are still valid. Please begin each new resource with a bullet point.

Social Media Highlights

Social media marketing is part of the plan for publicizing your story. Please provide 2-3 quotes from your story that you feel are the most beautiful -or- thought-provoking -or- meaningful -or- compelling. These may be used as a graphic in social media, or highlighted on the homepage of the RaceBridges Studio website. You will be given full attribution should your quote be used.

Story Themes

While more than one theme may apply to your story, please ONLY select the themes which are applicable to your story. Thank you.

Select applicable story theme(s) *

Release Agreement

Please read the information below about the videotaping and production of your story. Then "electronically sign" this agreement below by ticking the box next to "I agree."


7/27/2019 - Fremont Marriott - Silicon Valley - Fremont, CA


(1) Thank you!

Thank you very much for being willing to videotape a story/stories for our ongoing RaceBridgesStudio.com Videos Project on Saturday July 27, 2019 at the Fremont Marriott Hotel, Fremont, CA. Producer/Director Susan O’Halloran, has been working with you in the preparation of your story for this videotaping session on July 27.

(2) Our Website – RaceBridgesStudio.com

Through our online site www.RaceBridgesStudio.com we continue to share stories, or excerpts of stories of our finest storytellers - often rarely told - about race relations and diversity. If you visit RaceBridgesStudio.com you can enjoy over 240 storyteller videos that we have produced through the years. The videos are accompanied by transcripts and discussion guides.


(3) Review Details

Before you videotape your story, Susan O’Halloran will take you through some simple steps to ensure that your story will have the correct title, the correct spelling of your name, and the closing credit/contact information that will appear at the end of your video story. Sue will show you this important information on her computer screen before you videotape your story. With Sue, you will make a final check of the Teller Intake Form that you have already received and completed. We ask you to check out the correctness of all the information that is important for the detailed presentation of your story online.

You will be asked to carefully approve:

* the spelling of your name

* the title of your piece (80 characters or less, including spacing and punctuation)

* your professional contact information (website /email address)

* a description of your story (250 characters or less including spacing and punctuation)

* discussion questions (to be used in classrooms, workshops, etc.)

* further resources that relate to the theme of your story (see the format for the Video Guide on RacebridgesStudio.com site)

* the story themes which your story covers (chosen from the categories with which we provide you)

(4) Promotion of Your Story

We are pleased to add your story to our stellar line-up of storyteller-videos available free on our site. Throughout the months ahead we will promote your story on social media and via RaceBridgesStudio.com.

(5) Our Audience and Plans

All of the texts and videos that are featured on our site are offered free of charge. Our main audience focus is teachers and community group leaders. We will also be featuring a transcript of your story linked to your video that is helpful to leaders and teachers as well as to individual viewers.

(6) Still Photos

During the videotaping session on July 27th there will be a still photographer present. The photographer will shoot a series of head shots right after you have completed recording your videotape story. These still photos will assist us in the promotion of your story on the RaceBridgesStudio.com site and on social media and related promotion. Sue O’Halloran will email you in August when these professional photos will be available for you to view privately online. You are welcome to use these photos free of charge for your own professional use.

(7) Written Story and Story Description

A little more comment about making your video story attractive to visitors : You will have provided Sue with a written record of your story (Story Intake Form) with particular attention to any more difficult spellings of someone’s name you reference in your story, or non-English, slang, dialect, or geographic words and phrases. In shaping a story for online use we need:

A) A simple, 80 character or less (including spaces and punctuation) title.
Pro tip: If you want to encourage people to click on your video to watch it, try to think about something compelling that is said, learned or done in your story. E.g. “Brush the Dirt from My Heart” or “Hot Chili and Crackers: Racial Stew with Danger” or “The Promise: A Lesson in White Privilege”

B) A pithy, compelling 250 character or less (including spacing and punctuation description).
Pro tip: Summarize your story in a way that doesn’t spoil the plot, but teases the reader and piques curiosity. If you can, challenge the viewer to answer a question. E.g.:

“Basil Houpis had just moved to the U.S. from Greece, and he was different. He barely spoke English, wore mismatched clothes and smelled funny. Everyone picked on him mercilessly. Is 30 years too long to take a stand?”

“Can a teenager make an impact in a world full of injustice? Jasmin looks back to a time when she joined the cause to free a young Mexican-American artist, Manuel Salazar, who sat on death row falsely accused of killing a police officer.”

C) Susan will also ask you for discussion questions, corresponding categories from the list with which she will provide you and further resources that can be placed in the Video Guide.
Sue will guide you as she assesses that your information is complete on the Story Intake Form. Your story will be placed in the Video Guide under the appropriate category/theme and from your information in the Video Guide, where visitors can link to your actual video(s).

(8) You Retain the Copyright on Your Original Works

Please be assured that the ownership and copyright of your story remains completely yours. (By working with us today we understand that, if your story is not original, you have permission to record this story, post it on our website and in social media.) You are simply granting us the rights to distribute your video story on our site and in various ways such as through guides, resources and lesson plans.


(9) Raw Video Footage for Your Use (Accessible by late August or early September)

The raw footage of your video story (without any titles or credits) can be accessed, viewed and downloaded by you in late August. You can use this kind of video on your own website with help from your video editor or webmaster. You will receive an email from Sue in August to advise you how to access this private page where you can view and download your video story. This version of your video-story is offered to you free of charge to be used in any way you’d like it in the future, for example, if you’d like to add your own logo etc.

(10) Watch for An Email From Us When Your Story Goes Live (About October 1, 2019)

This email will contain information of how to access your new video story with titles and credits after it has been placed on our RaceBridgesStudio.com site with links to the brief discussion guide and the transcript of your story.

(11) Transcript of Spoken Story Performance
A written transcript of your story performance will be included on our website. Please keep in mind that this is a verbatim transcription of your story just as you told it in spoken format. “Mistakes” (e.g. such as grammar, pauses, repetition of the same word or phrase, etc.) are common during live performances and are part of the beauty of spoken versus written stories. These “imperfections” are expected since they are part of your live performance during the video shoot. No editing will be made to the transcript to fix “mistakes” since the transcript is an accurate reflection of what was actually said during the performance.

(12) Questions?

Thank you for being willing to prepare and videotape your story for this project. If you have any questions about this plan outlined above please email/ask Susan or Fr. Derek.

Together we seek to build cultural bridges and bring people together. How we need that today! May our stories be proud, ever strong and a blessing to many!

Father Derek Simons SVD
Executive Producer - RaceBridges Studio videos
Techny Towers Conference Center,
2001 Waukegan Road
Techny, Northbrook, IL 60082

Susan O’Halloran
Producer/Director – RaceBridges Studio videos

I have read and agree to the terms of RaceBridges Studio for videotaping and promotion of my story. *
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