By Jon Spelman



Imagine you are a young girl all alone traveling on a bus when suddenly, a situation erupts that could end your life. What do you do? How can you save your own life? Listen as Jon Spelman tells this suspenseful story with vivid details.


Storyteller Jon Spelman tells one of many stories from a collection of his entitled, “I Still Believe.” This particular story is told from the perspective of young girl who is in the midst of a terrifying experience that could have horrifically ended her life, were it not for the kindness of a stranger. Listen as Jon recounts this harrowing event with complete realism.

Classroom Reflections & Activities:

  • Select several of these videos to view in class focusing on youths showing kindness in their communities. Choose a few relevant to your class demographics, and create some small group discussion questions to go with each video. http://www.randomactsofkindness.org/classroom-to-community
  • Brainstorm with students a list of things they can do in the school for others that show kindness. Then, have students narrow list to the top three ideas and have students vote on what they think is the best idea. Implement the idea in your school. Encourage students to reach out to other students in need and show kindness.
  • Lead a class discussion on fear. Ask students to share a time when they were very scared. Find out what fear looks like and what could have been done to alleviate their fear.


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