Are there any Muslim storytellers out there?

The Stories of Storyteller Arif Choudhury

In a recent magazine article, storyteller Arif Choudhury wrote:

“Are there any other Muslim storytellers out there ? We should start a club with funny hats and monogrammed shirts.  All kidding aside, since 9/11, people have been curious about Muslims.  As an American-born Muslim of Bangladeshi descent living in Chicago’s predominantly Caucasian northern suburbs, I am asked lots of questions. What do Muslims believe?  What are their traditions and customs?  Do Muslims tell stories?” 

. . .  And RaceBridges Fellow Arif Choudhury tells lots of stories . . .

Stories of growing up “black” in a white suburb.  Stories of many post 9/11 challenges as a Muslim-American.    Some stories are funny, some are frightening.  But all his stories help us to learn more of Arif, Muslim Americans and “seeing the other” in our varied and multicultural world.  A world that needs all of us.

RaceBridges is proud to present some of the stories of storyteller Arif Choudhury :


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