The Benefits of Creating a Diversity Pledge in Your School

What is a diversity mission statement?

Basically, this is a statement that tells what the school’s purpose is in reference to diversity. It should tell why they have this purpose, what they believe, and the goal they hope to achieve for the future of diversity in the school.  diversitypledge

What is a diversity pledge?

This is a promise, or an oath, made in support of diversity. Often completed with a simple signature, this is a powerful action. It brings with it a strong sense of what the future should look like.

What are the benefits of diversity mission statements and pledges?

  • Mission statements bring clarity and understanding to students, families, and communities about how your school connects with diversity. It tells what your school believes, and how it incorporates those beliefs in everyday school functions and activities..
  • Diversity pledges solidify commitments from participants – students, staff, teachers, and administration. It establishes a set of expectations to be enforced. Pledging to support diversity at your school is a promise to adhere to respectful and inclusive behaviors and attitudes..
  • Diversity mission statements and pledges form bonds, foster respect, and build trust within a school..
  • Unlike so many other things in life, these bring people together. Despite their differences, mission statements and pledges provide unity..
  • They encourage new experiences, and support the pursuit of knowledge of the world we live in..
  • They build strong people skills, as diversity in classrooms allows students to work collectively with students of other cultures..

How can you rally your students and school toward diversity pledging?

Schools can often supplement or reinforce the pledge through the use of T-shirts, buttons, wristband, pencils, banners, posters, flyers, and leadership groups.

Check out this website for great examples of mission statements for your school:

Check out this website for simple directions on how to write your own mission statement: