Small changes can make a big difference in creating safe and welcoming communities. This resource offers strategies for the entire school from administrators to teachers to students understand prejudice and violence, de-escalating tense situations and methods to create community building.

Creating safe, welcoming communities is the job of the entire school—teachers, administrators, staff, and students—but even small changes can make a big difference.

This resource suggests some mini-lessons and ideas for “keeping the peace” in your classroom.


  • To identify causes of bullying, harassment, and/or violence
  • To understand the importance of creating safe, welcoming school communities
  • To identify and practice strategies for preventing and disrupting bullying, harassment, and/or violence
  • To encourage community building through activities and storytelling.

By the end of this lesson, each student will:

  • Understand the deeper roots and causes of prejudice and violence.
  • Have created and practiced strategies for de-escalating tense situations.
  • Have shared and listened to stories designed to encourage empathy and community building..