Dr. King often challenged, “what are you doing to help others?” Here are ten helpful ways to make a difference in your home, school, community...and the world!

From the Powerful Words and Works of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Citizens of a Global Family
Be a part of a vibrant, multi-racial world that seeks justice, peace and reconciliation.

Community Builders
Strive to strengthen community connections so every race, gender, religion can be part of something bigger.

Hope Givers
Help the poor and the most humble among us so they too, can enjoy the promises made by our founding fathers.

Justice Makers
Speak out against injustice, laws that are unfair, and provide a voice for those who cannot or who are unable to speak for themselves.

Gift Sharers
Serve others doing your best to love and serve humanity.

All Clothed in Dignity
Work with leaders to cast light on the struggles of income equality, intolerable discrimination, and extreme violence to spur action and reform.

Truth Tellers
Believe that truth, uncomfortable, real and ugly as it may be, is more powerful than a lie and capable of creating sustainable, positive changes.

Challengers of Violence
Challenge acts of violence and aggression through peaceful acts and words such as nonviolent resistance, civil disobedience, protests and grassroots organizing.

Seek equality, non-violence and interracial cooperation in both actions and words.

Drivers of Actions Beyond Words
Look for ways to be proactive bridge builders in your community and to lead by example.


Honor.  Celebrate.  Act.
Remember the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on his birthday celebration or at any time of year.

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