10 Clues to Spot Cyber-Bullying

Cyber-bullying is carried out in order to shame, embarrass, tease or frighten the receiver. Messages are often electronically sent from an “anonymous” sender. Can you spot a cyber-bully?

Be a Mural Maker and Shaper

Murals can be a great way to merge art with storytelling. Here are a few ideas to use murals to share history, make a statement, use for reflection, honor those who make a difference, etc.

Creating a Classroom Diversity Checklist

Diversity in American schools and classrooms is rapidly increasing each year. What can you do to reach your students where they are, and help them to master the necessary academic concepts for advancement? Here's a diversity checklist to get you started.


Want to talk to someone about something important or approach someone new? Here are a few icebreaking ideas.