By Storyteller MARYGAY DUCEY


Story Summary:

As part of a service project, Mary Gay and her best friend are to start a Girl Scout troop at a notorious reform school in New Orleans. As an adult, Mary Gay wishes she could go back to the school and ask for more for the girls.


Discussion Questions:

  1. Do you think it was helpful or patronizing for Mary Gay and her friend to volunteer at the reform school?
  2. How could Mary Gay and her friend been better prepared for and supported in their work?
  3. Where do you volunteer? How does one “help” without viewing those you work with as “one down”?



  •  Chicken Soup for the Soul – Volunteering  & Giving Back: 101 Inspiring Stories of Purpose and Passion by Amy Newmark and Carrie Morgridge
  • The Politics of Volunteering by Nina Eliasoph
  • Your Mark on the World by Devin D. Thorpe



  •  Crossing Cultures
  • Education and Life Lessons
  • Family and Childhood
  • Stereotypes and Discrimination