Dear Teacher / Leader,

The school year is full of landmark days that acknowledge important historical moments and people. These days, like Martin Luther King, Jr. Day or International Women’s Day and even months, like Hispanic Heritage Month, offer us valuable opportunities to learn more about our culture and history. However, there are also important events taking place close to home and related to your particular school that you may want to acknowledge and celebrate with a special event.

Perhaps your school has an important anniversary coming up, a beloved teacher is retiring, or some leaders in your neighborhood are opening a new community center. Taking the time to create a commemorative local event allows your students to celebrate their community while gaining a deeper connection to the individuals who make it unique.
This RaceBridges Diversity Memo provides some ideas for using stories as the foundation for creating a commemorative or celebratory event. This Race Bridges for Schools website is full of stories and lesson plans about using Storytelling in the classroom that will help along the way. This Memo will guide you through some key steps to get you started.

Download this diversity memo