Enduring Voices for Women’s History Month

Dear Teacher and Leader,

March is designated as Women’s History Month with International Women’s Day officially observed on March 8th. This month offers us an opportunity to celebrate the varied and wonderful contributions and stories of women from diverse cultures. This occasion also calls us to find ways that each of us can work for a more equitable future.
The movement toward an International Women’s Day began in the early 1900’s with annual marches in the U.S. demanding shorter hours, better pay and voting rights for women. Today there are thousands of different types of events that take place around the world.

The disparities that exist between men and women look different in various cultures. From unequal financial compensation to access to education, damaging stereotypes, or the prevalence of domestic violence, the conversation about women’s rights continues to evolve around the globe. At the same time, important breakthroughs and moments of great pride take place all the time.

At the Fourth World Conference on Women that was held in Beijing, China in 1995, global leaders made the case that women’s rights are human rights and that therefore, working for women’s equality is everyone’s responsibility. As educators we can pick up this charge to bring lessons about equality to all of our students.
This RaceBridges Diversity Memo celebrates diverse voices and examines current challenges for women to better prepare students to work for equity and justice.

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