by Storyteller Susan O’Halloran


Story Summary:

 In high school, Sue went to her first overnight away from her Chicago home and neighborhood and met people from different ethnic and racial groups. In learning that there’s more to people than she originally thought, she discovers layers of herself she was long ignoring.


Discussion Questions:

  1. How have you been misjudged? How have others mis-labeled you and had you wrong?
  2. When have you misjudged others and then found out you were wrong?
  3. What do you think is better or worse about race relations today? Are their prejudices about different sides of town where you live? How do these stereotypes begin? What can you do about them?
  4. The girls were nervous to talk about race. Does it make you uncomfortable? What are the topics/stories/events that are not talked about or bring discomfort in your family or school? How can you create a space to talk about difficult issues and ask these questions?
  5. Do you have somewhere where you feel listened to and can say what you are truly feeling inside? What can you do to make your school even safer?
  6. Who could Joy, Patty and Susan have gone to for help? What individuals or organizations would have been supportive to them? Who do you trust? Where can you go to get trustworthy and/or professional help when you have a problem?



  • Blindspot: Hidden Biases of Good People by Mahzarin R. Banaji and Anthony Greenwald
  • Transforming Stress for Teens: The Heartmath Solution for Staying Cool Under Pressure by Rollin McCraty and Stephen W. Lance



  • Crossing Cultures
  • Education and Life Lessons
  • Family and Childhood
  • Stereotypes and Discrimination
  • Taking A Stand and Peacemaking