By Connie Regan Blake


Told with beautifully descriptive language, Connie Regan-Blake shares the story of a Ugandan woman’s struggle for survival in a land riddled with disease and poverty. Listen as you hear how a simple necklace bead changed the life and circumstance of this young woman, and be uplifted.


In this touching story, Connie Regan-Blake relates an experience she and a couple of friends had while on a mission trip to Uganda. Here, you will find the power that a simple necklace bead holds to change the life of a Ugandan woman who struggled to feed her children, and lived in poverty and disease. This story will touch your heart!

Classroom Reflections & Activities:

  • Hold a Jeopardy! Quiz contest in class. Create a list of questions and answers for students on AIDS, Uganda, and/or poverty. Divide students into 2-3 teams, and see how much they know about these topics. Create a cheat sheet for students if you feel they could use a little help with these topics.
  • Have students research Uganda. They could create a map, detail disease and poverty information about the country, and add basic facts about the country as well.
  • Have students research the organization BEAD FOR LIFE. Design posters that advertise and inform about this worthy non-profit group.


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