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Have Mouth Will Run It!

By Michael D. McCarty

Michael D. McCarty reflects on how he discovered the art of storytelling. Michael and several of his storytelling colleagues consider the impact of storytelling in schools, in prison settings and in the community.

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Mama Said

By Michael D. McCarty
Michael’s mother models the importance and love of reading, but, mostly importantly, the value of kindness. When Michael […]

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Thanksgiving : Who Is Missing From The Table?

Thanksgiving is a time to remember our country’s beginnings and to celebrate our rich history of welcoming the stranger. But in many ways, our idea of the original Thanksgiving table—a table we want to believe was about peace and fellowship between two peoples—is a myth. […]

Thanksgiving : Who Is Missing From The Table?2019-09-26T22:12:54+00:00

Indian Boarding Schools – Part 4 of 4

After a century of government policy that forcibly removed tens of thousands of First Nations’ children from their homes and sent them to boarding schools that basically amounted to forced labor camps, The U.S. Congress passed the Indian Child Welfare Act in 1978  (ICWA) to put an end to this and other policies toward American Indian families and children. The ICWA was enacted “… to protect the best interest of Indian children and to promote the stability and security of Indian tribes and families by the establishment of minimum […]

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Indian Boarding Schools – Part 3 of 4

On June 11, 2008, millions of Canadians tuned into a live, nationally-television apology to the First Nations from their Prime Minister, Stephen Harper. In this historic speech in the House of Commons, the Canadian government took full responsibility for the Canadian government’s attempts to assimilate First Nations children “causing great harm that has lasted for generations”. Harper went on to outline compensation for former residential school students, the creation of an ongoing Truth and Reconciliation Commission as well as increased funding for child welfare and education. […]

Indian Boarding Schools – Part 3 of 42019-09-20T21:43:39+00:00

Indian Boarding Schools – Part 1 of 4

NOTE: As we take the month of November to celebrate the contributions of the First Nations, we want to witness also the sad truth of attempts at the genocide of the American Indians and their cultures. Particularly, we take this month to focus on the Indian Boarding Schools. We offer these four articles because as the saying goes “those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it”, but also because we cannot support and celebrate our American Indian students, friends, co-workers and neighbors without understanding […]

Indian Boarding Schools – Part 1 of 42019-09-28T01:09:18+00:00

Why schools need to cultivate a climate of “Welcoming”

The news is full of stories about failing schools. Bad teachers. Low test scores. The education “crisis.” Our legislators and educators are spending enormous amounts of time and energy trying to find the cure for what ails our schools and our students. Yet, as we debate what’s at the heart of the problem, we tend to ignore one of the most powerful influences on learning: school climate, the degree to which schools offer a welcoming and safe place for children to learn. And by not looking more closely at […]

Why schools need to cultivate a climate of “Welcoming”2019-09-26T00:18:48+00:00

Going the Extra Mile in the Classroom: Embracing Cultural Differences

Exploring ‘Insiders & Outsiders’ with your students or group.

In the classroom, it is a fine line to walk. To openly acknowledge the differences and diversity of today’s students without creating an “insider/outsider” situation can be a tricky balancing act of political correctness and acceptance. Every teacher knows this line, and treads lightly. […]

Going the Extra Mile in the Classroom: Embracing Cultural Differences2019-09-20T20:08:59+00:00

Weeding Out Anti-Indian Biases from School Media

“The sun, the darkness, the winds are all listening to what we have to say.”
~ Geronimo

As we move into a month of celebrating the First Nations of our country and the world, a few helpful hints from Oyate, the children’s literature review site, can keep us from doing more harm than good. To turn a critical eye […]

Weeding Out Anti-Indian Biases from School Media2019-09-20T19:51:27+00:00
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