By Charlotte Blake Alton



Schools are some of the most politically correct and inclusive places in America, by design. It’s easy to form an assumption without really noticing the reality surrounding you. Listen carefully as storyteller Charlotte Blake Alston recounts her experiences at a private Quaker school in a powerfully articulate and relatable manner, and tells how valuable growth can take place anywhere and with anyone. Who will be next?


When Charlotte Blake Alston accepts a teaching position at a private Quaker school, she expects she’ll finally become part of an educational institution committed to respect and equality for all members of the school community. But true equity comes with awareness, sensitivity, and diligence. The School of Invisibility illustrates how cultural conditioning can creep into even the most “inclusive” school environment.

Classroom Reflections & Activities:

  • Allow students to research Quakers to discover some basic facts about this group of people.
  • Have students journal about a time when they felt left out or treated like they weren’t as good as someone else. Encourage students to not only share the experience, but to share their feelings too.
  • Brainstorm with students different ways to show respect and create a sense of equality amongst students..

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