When snow covers the ground and temperatures dip, schools and families look forward to celebrations of the season. They may be celebrations of Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or of many other sort. Regardless of the differences in the merriment, one constant is held by each – peace.

Our country has spent years engaged in a battle to protect and ensure the survival of peace into the future. Most of today’s students, however, do not remember a time of peace in our country. For these students, all they know is our country at war. For them, it has been a lifetime of dissent. It is time to gather together in peace, to celebrate peace, and to teach our children how to respect and get along with others. How do schools and teachers begin to teach and enforce something that our country cannot seem to overcome today? What can schools and teachers do to encourage peacemaking in students?   Below are a few tips.

  • Implement and enforce a zero tolerance to bullying
  • Implement and enforce a school code of conduct
  • Involve students in activities that build school unification
  • Promote volunteerism or activities that aid communities and neighborhoods
  • Invite guest speakers to talk to students about personal experiences
  • Allow students to share personal experiences
  • Sponsor mediation activities for  students to participate in, and teach mediation strategies
  • Provide leadership opportunities and experiences for students
  • Study the peace aspect of different celebrations, different cultures, and different time periods
  • Read about times when choices were made that did not reflect peace
  • Teach that it is possible to agree to disagree, and to understand without losing credibility
  • Teach that not every problem has an easy or quick solution, that it is more commonly a long process
  • Encourage students to experience setting guidelines
  • Highlight empathy .



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