If you are a new approved storyteller and are not presently listed on the Contributing Storyteller page of this website, please complete the following form:

Storyteller Bio Form

Storyteller’s Name

Please provide the correct spelling, including your FIRST and LAST name, including any surnames, hyphenated or middle names. Please use both upper and lower case. For example:

Correct: Charles Dickens
Incorrect: charles dickens

Storyteller’s Biography

This should be a short, but interesting summary of your storytelling or other experience related work. Please be sure to proofread for spelling, grammar and punctuation. Your biography, including punctuation and spaces, is limited to 400 characters.

Storyteller’s Website Address

Please provide the link to your website or the URL where more information may be found about you online. If you do not have a website, leave blank.

Storyteller’s Email Address or Phone Number

Please provide either an email address or phone number based upon the preferred method you wish people to contact you should they watch your video and wish to reach you. When providing your phone number, don’t forget to include your area code. Please do not enter both your email and phone number, just pick one. Thank you.

Headshot Specifications

A headshot of the teller will be included on the website, so please submit a digital photo, ideally of a head and shoulders image. If you do not submit a photo we will use a still frame pulled from the video. Please submit photos using these guidelines:

* Photos should be in PNG or JPG format. No Word or PDF files or links to websites please

* Photos should be no less than 600 x 600 pixels and not less than 196 dpi but not more than 300 dpi

* Professional headshots or crisp candid shots are preferred that are free of critters, hats, sunglasses or props like microphones that obstruct the face

* When submitting your digital photo file, please name your file your name. (For example: charles-dickens.jpg)

Submit Photo by Email

Pause for a moment and email your photo (one only please) to susan@susanohalloran.com.

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