Dear Teacher and Leader,

As you know immigration is a hot topic in the news today, especially with the ongoing and heated debate about SB 1070, Arizona’s stringent immigration enforcement law, and the rise in anti-immigration protests and activity around the country. The history of immigration tends to be a source of pride in the United States.

We often refer to ourselves as a nation of immigrants, a “melting pot,” and believe that our strength as a nation comes both from our diversity and from being comprised of the kinds of people brave and intelligent enough to risk immigrating to the United States and working hard to succeed here. But our discussion of contemporary immigration—legal and illegal—is more confused. Immigration in the United States is a complicated issue, too often generating strong emotions without corresponding knowledge of the facts.

While discussing immigration can be inflammatory in the classroom, it is one of the cardinal social issues facing our country. In this newsletter, you’ll find a classroom activity, some “lesson plan starters” to go deeper into the issue, further resources, and some ideas and thoughts to help inspire you on the journey.
This is a tough issue, but courageous teachers like you can make the difference, ensuring that this generation will focus on the facts rather than the hype.

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