case_lg_banner_21-300x241When we think of Black History Month, it is easy to think of all the people and actions that took place that led our country to value each other with respect.The risk and danger associated with activism and outspokenness helped to form America into a freedom-centered society. Change always has a cost. Attaining freedom and equality for African Americans during the Civil Rights Movement allowed many voices to be heard, and great change took place across America.

What can teachers and schools do to highlight the power of change in our world, and to encourage lessons for today that are rooted in dignity and courage? Below are some tips and websites to help facilitate discussions and learning experiences for students. Challenge your students to learn from history by pulling out lessons for today from it.

  • Talk about social injustices and possible ways to solve or address these issues..
  • Visit the National Urban League website for suggestions on lessons for today:


Explore the free resources and lessons
that focus on Black History Month and
many other Diversity themes for your
classroom, school or organization..