Changing Neighborhoods

by Storyteller Susan O’Halloran   Story Summary:  Sue grew up hearing about “them” – the people who would come and take her and her neighbors’ homes in their all-white neighborhood. When her family watched the Friday night fights, it was…

Looking at My Yearbooks

by Shanta Nurullah Story Summary: Looking at high school yearbooks, Shanta reflects on the “change” in her neighborhood from mostly white to all black. As a child, Shanta could not understand when the adults told her “the white people are…

Grandma’s Story

By Storyteller Susan O’Halloran [youtuber youtube=’’]   Story Summary:  After her Grandmother passes, Sue searches for her Grandmother’s story. Her exploration takes her into Irish American history and, eventually, to Ireland to find her Grandmother’s childhood home.

Dr. King Came to Town

by Storyteller Susan O’Halloran Story Summary: Dr. Martin Luther King marches through Sue’s southwest side neighborhood in Chicago in 1966. Her family’s and neighbor’s reaction plus her own conflicted feelings rise just as the KKK makes its appearance. 

Where Are You From?

By Storyteller Arif Choudhury   Story Summary:  Bangladeshi-American Muslim storyteller, Arif Choudhury, shares stories about growing up as the only “brown-skinned boy” in the neighborhood and how 9-11 changed how others might perceive him and his family. 


By Storyteller Anne Shimojima   Story Summary: What if the U.S. went to war with your country of origin? Anne Shimojima tells of the difficult days following the attack on Pearl Harbor, when her Japanese-American family were forced to evacuate…