. . . About the BridgeBuilder Project . . .


It is much easier to organize people around fear and hatred than around love.

It is much easier to exclude and stereotype than to include and elevate.

It is much easier to retreat into the known than to explore and value differences.

It is much easier to focus on what divides us than to notice what unites us.

It is much easier to isolate than to connect.

It is much easier to be forever the cynic about today’s world than discover the abiding courage carried by our mentors and heroes.

It is much easier to erect walls than to build bridges.


The BridgeBuilder Event celebrates the shining light that resides in every human heart that desires to create rather than to destroy that seeks to connect and build rather than to separate and control.

The 2016 BridgeBuilder Award affirms the energetic hope of our youth expressed through their dreams and deeds to build bridges of understanding today and into the future.

May their light shine bright and long!