Putting the Diversity Pledge into
embracediversity Action at Your School

You’ve got the diversity pledge written for your school. You’ve set the goals for the process. Now it’s time to put those words into action. How do you get the whole school – student body, faculty, staff, and administration – involved and excited? Below are some examples of ways that you can include everyone at your school in the diversity pledge. 

Activities that involve students:

  • Utilize the school store, and allow student workers to promote and sell the products.

○    Pencils with the pledge on it

○    T-shirts

○    Mugs

○    Posters

○    Wristbands

○    Shoelaces

○    Book covers

○    Folders

  • Create a buzz throughout the school using banner and posters.
  • Talk about the pledge during the daily announcements – use student representatives.
  • Send student leaders who were part of the process to each classroom to talk about the project and its purpose.
  • Hold a student rally, introducing and celebrating the pledge. Invite the band to play and other student organizations to take center stage, singing the praises of the school’s new diversity pledge.
  • Have times in the day set aside where students can go to sign the pledge. Students receive a sticker when they do so.
  • Allow students to video record the rally, with supervision.
  • Have all students verbally recite the pledge in unison at the rally.


Activities that involve teachers and administrators:

  • Provide T-shirts with the pledge or a goal on them to staff. Encourage them to wear and promote the pledge in school and in their classrooms.
  • Teachers or administrators can emcee a school rally that introduces the school’s new diversity pledge.
  • Have the technology department supervise the video recording of the rally.
  • Post the event online on your school’s website, or upload it to schooltube.com.


Activities that involve families and communities:

  • Send flyers or letters home detailing the project and its purpose.
  • Alert the school board and the PTA, even local businesses. They may want to participate in some way. Some may even provide some free products for the school’s celebration.
  • Alert the media. You may get some news coverage of your school’s diversity pledge.
  • Invite families and community members to the rally.