As our country seems more divided than ever, debates arise over many controversial issues. With so much negativity directed at the immigration issue, Hispanic Americans are frequently perceived in a negative light. There is, however, much that is overlooked in the Hispanic American culture for students to aspire to. It is time for much more positive images to be given to today’s youth.

Schools today can be a valuable resource for students to achieve great things, and they need to provide students with encouraging role models who portray constructive examples of Hispanic Americans. Schools need to be able to encourage students to excel at being themselves. Additionally, there is much beauty in the cultures of Hispanic or Latino descent that could easily be identified in our schools as positive images.

What can teachers do to highlight positive Latino images in the classroom? Below are some suggestions for incorporating images that show Hispanic Americans in a positive way.

  • Hang up quotes from notable Hispanic Americans on the walls
  • Display artwork or photos of prominent Hispanic Americans
  • Read literature by prolific Hispanic American writers
  • Discuss accomplishments of significant Hispanic Americans of all industries and fields
  • Sing/Play music written or performed by Hispanic Americans
  • Identify Hispanic American inventors and their inventions
  • Create research projects based on Hispanic Americans in government
  • Explore award-winning Hispanic Americans and their accomplishments


For activities and ideas for the classroom or for youth or

young adult groups in and around Hispanic Heritage Month

(Sep. 15 – October 15, 2012)