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Mexicans in Church By Storyteller Antonio Sacre

Occasionally, Antonio brings his friends and family to Catholic mass, not always with the results he hoped for. However, in Los Angeles, he goes to church with Mexican-American families where he finds people who are deeply into the ritual and their passion for their religion makes him proud.

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“…I thought: Am I part of the Peace Process? I didn’t want to come here. I didn’t want to hear these stories. But now that I had I discovered that I was holding on to an old hostility that had been passed down to me. But the people here were trying to move on…to build something that we all want...a place to live together peacefully… And I could feel Uncle Tom’s stories mixing with these new stories…creating new possibilities in me… ”


- Storyteller Margaret Burk
Standing on the Wall of Derry: An Irish American Confronts The Irish Conflict